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With today's heightened emphasis on public safety and emergency response, high quality training for your team is paramount. Blue Grass Airport's Regional ARFF Training Center provides safe, quality, cost-efficient training and will strive to meet your team's training needs through our standard courses or through a custom designed curriculum.

This $5 million facility consists of a state-of-the-art control building and utilizes two separate aircraft simulations to provide safe, live fire training scenarios for all emergency response professionals. The simulations—Fuel Spill Trainer (FST) and Specialized Aircraft Fire Trainer (SAFT)—are designed and built to replicate Boeing 737s. They are computer-controlled, and propane-fired. They simulate large-scale flammable liquid fires, engine fires, wheel and brake fires and aircraft interior fires with rollover and flashover.

Quality Trainers

We are excited to introduce our two new instructors, Brian Wainscott and Scott May. Both instructors bring a fresh new perspective and valuable expertise to the program to provide the best training possible to our students.

ARFF 100: Basic Aircraft Rescue Firefighting

2021 Class Dates: Dec. 6-10
2022 Class Dates: Feb. 21-25, Apr. 11-15, Jun. 20-24, Sept. 19-23, Nov. 7-11

This 40-hour, weeklong course is structured to introduce and/or review the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques to perform aircraft rescue firefighting. This course follows the curriculum established in AC 150/5210-17C (Programs for Training of Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Personnel) and consists of half-classroom and half-practical instruction. A class curriculum is available upon request.

Those wishing to obtain the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress (IFSAC) certification can also attend this class and take the written and skills tests at the end of the week, which will be administered by state IFSAC assessment personnel. The following IFSAC accreditations are required to attend if seeking IFSAC certification:

• Firefighting I & II
• Hazardous Material Awareness
• Hazardous Material Operations

Copies of certificates must be brought with attendee. Kentucky state firefighters should reference Kentucky State Fire School information for IFSAC testing options. In addition to the course fee, a $25 check payable to the Kentucky State Fire Commission is required. A 30-day notice of desiring an IFSAC Certification must be made prior to the start date of the class.

Basic Course: $1,000
Basic Course + IFSAC: $1,100

Note: ARFF 100 classes may fill and will be notated above with the class date. Please contact training center staff to be put on a wait list for a particular class.

ARFF 502: Response to Rotorcraft Accidents

Class Date: May 26-27
To familiarize the attendee with the helicopter and responding to accidents involving a helicopter, topics such as the types of accidents, survival factors, occupant injury patterns and safety around helicopters will be discussed. Other topics will include LZ considerations. The second day will feature a close look at the specific features of helicopters, and students will complete firefighting evolutions on a helicopter simulator.
Cost: $250. Online Registration Opens Soon

Additional ARFF Classes

Click below to view our full listing of available ARFF courses and pricing. Please contact the ARFF training center staff for availability and scheduling. All courses other than the Basic Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Class above require the completion of a Department Registration Form, Agency Release and Individual Release.

Course List
Group Training Registration Form
Agency Release Form
Individual Release Form

How to Register

Online registration is available for the following classes:
ARFF 100: Basic Aircraft Rescue Firefighting
ARFF 502: Response to Rotorcraft Accidents

Registration for the following is available by contacting the training center staff:
ARFF 300: Basic Recertification Live Fire Drill
ARFF 301: Initial Certification Live Fire Drill
ARFF 302: Advanced Recertification Live Fire Drill
ARFF 400: Basic Structural Approach to ARFF
Custom-Designed Courses

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our training center staff.

Contact Us

Phone: 859.425.3122
Email: ARFFTraining@bluegrassairport.com


“Thank you for the wealth of knowledge and training provided this week. I will never forget it!”       

– Public Safety Officer, Nashville International Airport

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