Traveling with Children

  • Allow yourself extra time to get through security.
  • Talk with you children beforehand about the security process so they will not be scared or frightened. Let them know that their bags will come out of the other end of the X-ray machine and will quickly be returned to them.
  • Children must be removed from their strollers or baby carriers for screening purposes. If you child can walk unassisted, it is best to have them walk through the security checkpoint independently.
  • All child-related equipment such as strollers, baby carriers, car and booster seats and backpacks must go through the X-ray machine if it fits. If it does not fit, the equipment will need to be visually and physically inspected.
  • Remind your children not to joke about bombs, fires or other safety threats.
  • While waiting for your plane to depart, visit the children's play area near the lobby.
  • Family restrooms are available on both levels of the terminal. These unisex restrooms provide additional space that is handy when traveling.
  • If your children are susceptible to motion sickness, avoid eating a full meal two hours prior to your flight and ask your family physician about possible medications. If your children are experiencing ear pain while on the flight, offer a pacifier, bottle or lollipop to counteract it and equalize the pressure.
  • Make travel fun! Track your flight on a map and point out landmarks along the way, create math and science games using weather and before leaving home, visit our Kids Zone for cool coloring pages, games and puzzles.
  • Bring new toys or a fun surprise for your children in case they get restless on the plane.