At Blue Grass Airport, we are committed to keeping our passengers safe and informed. As we continue to navigate this global pandemic, we are focused on creating a healthy environment for air travel and communicating with our passengers regarding changes to the air travel experience.

Masks are Required.

Federal law requires wearing a mask at all times in and on the airport. Failure to comply may result in removal and denial of re-entry. Refusing to wear a mask is a violation of federal law. Individuals may be subject to penalties under federal law.

A properly worn mask completely covers the nose and mouth of the wearer. A mask should be secured to the head, including with ties or ear loops. A mask should fit snugly but comfortable against the side of the face. Masks do not include face shields. CDC guidance for attributes of acceptable masks in context pertaining to this law is available at

The following individuals are not required to wear a mask:

  • Children under the age of 2
  • People with disabilities who cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask, because of the disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act

Passengers may be asked to briefly remove their mask at TSA security checkpoint for identification purposes.

We're Ready for You

Health and Safety are Our Top Priorities

Blue Grass Airport is preparing for passenger arrival by implementing the following safety procedures on a daily basis:

  • Intensive Cleaning: Thorough cleaning and disinfecting of airport facilities and touchpoints throughout the terminal are occurring constantly during the day. Hand sanitizing stations are available for passenger use.
  • Plexiglass Shields: Plexiglass has been installed at airline ticket/gate counters, TSA security checkpoint, retail shops, restaurants, baggage claim counters and rental car areas.
  • Touchless Experiences: All sinks, toilets and soap dispensers in airport restrooms are touch-free. Touchless water bottle filling stations are also available throughout the terminal.
  • COVID-19-Related Signage: Signage reminds passengers of the importance of handwashing, mobile check-in and health-related travel tips.

Before You Arrive

You Can Prevent the Spread of Germs

We are working hard to prepare for your arrival at the airport, and we ask that our passengers follow these guidelines to help us provide a safe travel experience for everyone:

  • Follow Healthy Travel Habits:
    1. Wash your hands frequently.
    2. Allow a distance of six feet between you and other passengers.
    3. Wear a face covering in the terminal and on the airplane. Check with your airline regarding their face covering policy to ensure you are in compliance.
    4. If you are feeling ill or have symptoms of COVID-19, seek medical advice, and do not travel. Contact your airline for information on how to change your travel plans.
  • Mobile App Service: Check-in on your mobile phone, scan your own boarding pass at the TSA security checkpoint and scan your airline ticket at the boarding counter for a touchless travel experience.
  • Curbside Dropoff & Pickup: Ask friends and family to drop you off and pick you up outside the terminal. The new cell-phone waiting lot has plenty of spaces available for guests waiting for arriving passengers. To prevent the spread of germs, we ask that only family and friends providing special assistance to passengers enter the terminal.

TSA Checkpoint Changes

Keeping You Up-to-Date on TSA Checkpoint Changes

Numerous changes at TSA security checkpoint have been implemented and are available in detail at Several changes include:

  • Up to 12 ounces of liquid hand sanitizer is now permitted in carry-on bags. The 3-1-1 liquid rule still applies to all other liquids.
  • Unlimited disinfectant wipes are now permitted in carry-on bags.
  • TSA officers will be wearing masks or face coverings in the terminal and passengers are encouraged to do so as well. TSA may request a brief removal of the mask or face covering at any point during the screening process.
  • TSA officers will use a fresh pair of gloves upon a passenger's request.
  • The Department of Homeland Security has announced an extension to obtain a REAL-ID compliant driver's license. The new deadline is May 3, 2023.

Parking & Amenity Changes

COVID-19-Related Service Changes at Blue Grass Airport

Please be aware of the following changes to your airport experience:

  • Parking: The Valet lot and car detailing are closed. Please consider the Short-Term and Long-Term parking areas for alternate parking options.
  • Business Lounge: The Club at Blue Grass is temporarily closed.

Passenger Resources

Blue Grass Airport continues to work in coordination with the CDC, our airline partners, local public health and emergency response organizations, and other stakeholders to keep travel safe for our passengers. For further information on developments related to COVID-19, go to:


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