About the Book

Blue Grass Airport: An American Aviation Story sheds light on the remarkable history of aviation in central Kentucky. Over 400 photographs, some never before published, illustrate the challenges, triumphs and tragedies that Lexington, a community best known for its equine heritage, experienced as it began to look to the skies for transportation and commerce.

This rich history is told through the lens of national and international events by some of Lexington's most accomplished writers. Early airfields, air circuses, airplane crashes and famous aviators made headlines in Lexington's local papers. Politics, private aviation, the challenges of transporting horses by air, a notorious hijacking, visiting celebrities and royalty, bitter disputes over land and the impact of 9-11 are just some of the fascinating stories revealed in this book.

Helping Our History Take Flight

In the early stages of this book project, a series of 16 oral histories were collected to lend further detail and preserve airport stories and images of the people behind them that might otherwise be lost to the ages. These oral histories are rich in anecdotes and the personalities that tell them. Watch these enjoyable interviews here.