Famous Visitors Through the Decades

Blue Grass Airport has had its share of dignitaries and celebrities, the famous and powerful of the world. When presidential candidates started flying, airport terminals replaced train stations and the whistlestop campaigns of the past.

Both Dwight Eisenhower and opponent Adlai Stevenson landed in Lexington in 1956. Two-time Democratic Kentucky Governor Happy Chandler greeted President and Mrs. Eisenhower at the airport. Both JFK and RFK stopped here while on the campaign trail as well as a host of others, more recently George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

Our visiting dignitaries have included Queen Elizabeth II, who visited in 1984 to see the horses as a guest of Mr. & Mrs. William S. Farish (later U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom) and present a trophy at a race at Keeneland named for her. The British monarch has made several visits since.

Blue Grass Airport may be the only place in the world where the arrival of a plane carrying basketball players or racehorses generates as much excitement from the public as rock stars and presidents on the tarmac.

And, whether you're a celebrity or not, Blue Grass Airport tries to make every traveler feel that way!

Eddie Rickenbacker, WWI flying ace and President of Eastern Air Lines, attends the formal dedication of Blue Grass Field on November 10, 1946.