Pieces of History

Often we become so accustomed to the present that we forget the way things once were. A news article, an old photo or an ad from the recent past can point us down memory lane—or in the case of Blue Grass Airport show us the way to the rich history that makes up Blue Grass Airport: An American Aviation Story.

Here are just a few pieces of that memorabilia:

Aviator Charles Lindbergh's 1928 visit to Lexington was considered by many to be the best advertisment for Lexington and its future in aviation.

Aviation itself has changed dramatically—just look at the flight map and the prices from this ad for Delta's inaugural service to and from Blue Grass Airport.

While we're still renting cars at airports, they no longer have tail fins or fender skirts. GPS is far more important to today's travelers!

Below, a September 30, 1973 Herald-Leader photo of the original terminal building interior. The caption reads: "Mob scene might accurately describe the conditions on any given day at the Blue Grass Field terminal building, where increased flight schedules have increased passenger boarding considerably."

"I really wanted to bring glamour to flying. I could wear my fur coat and white gloves and check my oil and not get any dirt on me." – Betty Moseley, Lexington Pilot